No Rough Ride in Saskatchewan and T.O. Towers

I'm sure we've all heard the joke before; "Would the last person leaving Saskatchewan please turn off the lights!" Just like their beloved football team, this province has bounced back and the future couldn't be stronger.
In 2013, building permits issued were up 1.1% from the previous year, reaching $3.15 billion, which was the third highest percentage increase in the nation. In fact, between 2005 and 2013, building permit growth in Saskatchewan has risen 247 % on a cumulative basis. That's double the growth rate of Manitoba and triple of that in Alberta.

"The potash, oil and construction industries have certainly fuelled the economy here, to the point where we are outpacing the rest of the country, "says Economy Minister Bill Boyd. "The continued strength in our sectors like construction, is building infrastructure, creating jobs and above all, helping our economy move forward"

With growth like this, it's apparent that Saskatchewan is more worried about adding more lights, than shutting them off!

While Saskatchewan soars, so too does the Centre of the Universe (if you live outside of Toronto, you'll understand). Toronto even looks as though it has its own universe! Only just a few years ago when driving through this city, or when sporting events would showcase the city on TV, you would notice two iconic building...the CN Tower and Rogers Centre (formerly the SkyDome). Today, the Rogers Centre is completely towered over by the enormity of hi-rise buildings trying to catch the view of a ball game or the lake.

In fact, hi-rise construction in Toronto has outpaced any city in North America. Even New York City falls well behind Toronto in this category. Going into 2014, Toronto was building 130 hi-rise projects compared to 91 in New York. Burnaby and Montreal have also seen some stunning growth too as reported compiled by Emporis ( An interesting statistic is the difference between the two construction models in each of the two countries. The majority of hi-rises in Canada are almost exclusively condominiums but south of the border, the majority are rental apartments.

Regardless of what province or country you live in, things are looking up...literally!