Word of  Wired Mouth Advertising

In the good ol days of home building and renovations, many contractors relied on the good word of happy and satisfied customers.  Those "word of mouth" customer referrals were the best kind of customer one could ask for.  Didn t cost you a thing!  And what about the not so happy customer?  That customer would tell 10 people and each one of those people would tell 5 people which equates to 50 people with negative responses.  Not good but you could probably live with it.

That was in the good old days!  Now, we live with  the "wired mouth"!  The explosion of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and many more social medium forums has exposed the both the good and bad in home building and renovating.  A negative comment on a social media site can be  terribly devastating to your business if not rectified immediately.  In today s wired world, if those same 50 people post a negative review on the Internet, and 10% of their friends re-post that comment, then another 5% of those friends could re-post... well you get the idea.  You may not receive Miley Cyrus "twerking" status but you could have hundreds or even thousands of negative comments about your business.

Today s homebuyer or people in search of a renovation do  their homework online before they even call your cell phone.  Negative comments can be a killer to your business but positive ones can be a huge asset to your business.  Whether or not you decide to embrace social media, you can be assured that your customers and potential customers are!  If you are engaged with social media and find negative comments about your business, rectify the issue and your customer will be certain to post a positive comment to your action.  This goes a long way in the social media world.

Customer reviews are becoming as  important as customer referrals.  Take action to make sure your customers are happy and you ll be thrilled the Wired Word of Mouth Advertising.